Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Well, here I am in Mo's house, heckign my internet. I'm afraid I've cost him a pretty penny! But when you catch Lydia & Laura online (being Laura's 20th) you cannot miss the opportunity to talk!

Things are going well here! You know, this country becomes more & more beautiful to me by the minute. God is teaching me so much. The biggest thing I am noticing, is He becoming my all in all. He is becoming my friends, my family, my love, my all! It is a really cool transformation. But this of course isn't perfect & God is continuing to captivate my soul!

It is HOT here. It continually gets more & more hot as the days go by. But with the hot weather, work just gets better & better. I'm learning more swahili, and I enjoy what I do SO much. It is such a blessing. I am doing marketing, mainly, for Tanari, and they trust me. I feel so respected & as if my opinion really matters! Its amazing! They are all amazing men & women of God, & challenge me in my faith (and my swahili) daily.

This past weekend was a God-send! On saturday I went to the nearest "mall", 2 minutes from my house, checked my email, & sat a Dormands (a coffee place). I got an iced latte & read "Captivating". An american guy sat by me, noticed my book, & we began a conversation about christianity. He worked at Kanakuk & is from MO. Crazy huh? It was just a nice & relaxing day.

Sunday I went & visited the house from Out of Africa! For those of you who haven't seen the movie, its a must. It is beautiful & it was so nice to just drive around kenya. Soon we'll be going to feed orphaned baby elephants! Isn't that amazing? I love it.

Anyway, sad news is our week trip on Mt.Kenya has most likely been moved to the end of July - meaning I won't be able to go! But I'm just praying Lydia will come & we'll do a lot of site seeing. I might go to the coast in a few weeks. An american hook up from a guy I work with! That would be amazing!

I suppose thats it. Thanks for all you do! Keep the emails coming.

lots of love from the other side of the world,

- or what many call me "kate"

Monday, March 20, 2006


I just returned to my home last night at 8:00 pm from a very long, wonderful, weekend of peeing in a hole & showering with a bucket; waking up at 5:30 am to jog, and pretend like I am an adolescent! It really was wonderful. We did a training, which I think I explained, and it was a great way to get me plugged in here. I met some wonderful people, and got to bond a lot with those I already knew. It did consist of all the above events, but it was nothing I hadn't done before, so I didn't mind.

I don't have too much to say other than the trip was excellent. I got to experience serious kenyan worship, and begin to develop amazing friendships. God is providing, and homesickness is easing. I am learning how to function in a majorly different culture from the one I know. I learning how to relate to those from this culture and build relationships. You know, its amazing to see Christ in different cultures. He is the same everywhere. My friend Jackie has been speaking volumes in my life, and I've known here for a week. She has gone through similar situations that I've been in, or am currently dealing with, and she is such an encouragment. You would love her.

Going on this camping trip I experienced some Kenyan "staples"; ugali for example. My dad will be trilled! It was pretty good. There was only one meal that was hard to keep eating, but I was thankful for the food either way!

That is my update. This week will be the first "normal" work week I'll experience; except for the fact I have today off b/c I worked yesterday at camp. I am looking forward to settling into a somewhat consistant schedule.

Today I'll being meeting with Marcy. She is going to meet with me weekly, and she knows how these transitions go, so she'll be able to coach me through. She also knows about Sarah, and as April 10th approaches, I think she'll be a huge encouragment. I'm praying for vulnerability with her, and just that the Holy Spirit will really work in our relationship. God has provided her for me, and I'm ever so thankful. Shes amazing, and I look forward to "spilling the beans".

Well, that is it for me at this moment. I'm going to try & update my yahoo photos; but here is the camping group & my friend Jackie & myself! (I do recognize the fact that I look horrible. I was camping; I didn't look in a mirror for three days!) Ok aren't working to upload on here, so I'll give you my yahoo account & go to the album entitled "KENYA", and you'll see more picture there!

love you all! Hear from you soon.


ps- if any of you are thinking of IU right now, yes...I know about the loss and am extremely disapointed! Lets not talk about it. I'm glad I'm in another country. If TEXAS is still in I'm now rooting for them!

Monday, March 13, 2006


Karibu! (welcome)

Well, in all of my wisdom & knowledge, I decided to update when I don't have much time. Thankfully people tend to run a little late in africa, but on the other hand those who work w/ Tanari are different. Either way, they are flex & gracious.

I am in Nairobi! Habari yako? Meaning, how are you?

Last week I did go out with Gina; who is kind of a celeb here in Kenya. We went to a kenyan movie premeire, and I met so many people; including one who worked on The Constant Gardener (which I still have not seen)! Thankfully it is still out in theatres!

I have been hanging out with Muhia (mo) & Marcy a lot. Their sons are terrific. Kiama, who is 6, is into basketball. Boy does that remind me of home. I beat him in PIG & HORSE yesterday about 6 times, but he was still close. I only wish my hoosiers were winning as much as I am!

This upcoming weekend i am going camping for the first time. If you go to, you'll find the program ROPES. That is what we're doing. They are trainging us, so that we can train others. I'm excited to get out of the city & into the "wilderness"!

My cell phone is a success. I don't have voice mail, but I've talked to my parents a couple times. THere is a funny delay, but I'm blessed all the same to have that easy communication (at least for me- not for them).

My room is coming together, and I have to go to the store & pick up some things to decorate with. And by decorate I mean tape to hang pictures! You like that? I know I know, high class on a missionaries budget.

As you can probably tell I'm settling in. I think the first few days I went into freak out mode, but I'm adjusting. Not to say hard times won't come, but GOd is so faithful in getting my needs met & relationships are blossoming. I've been able to start joking w/ those in the office & my hosts. If you know me, you know I need to be able to laugh & joke (perhaps a little sarcasm)?!

Well, I am going to be late to my meeting. They are forgiving, but I must be respectful. This will still take a couple minutes to load, and then I pay, and then I walk! OOPS!

Thanks for your support & love, and I can't wait to talk to you whenever I can. Thank you for checking my blog & I hope you find it worth your time.

See you!


Friday, March 10, 2006


Ok...its getting late here in Kenya & I can't walk in the dark, but I wanted to write a quick update.

I love my hosts. I got to spend a lot of time w/ them last night. I may be going out w/ Gina tonight.

Today was my first day of work. It wasn't hard, but I say sorry a lot & I'm learning the ropes. Its always hard when you're in a new job; but I'm really enjoying learning Swahili. Its a fun language. I don't know much yet, but I expect to since I'll be here for four more months!

Right now, I'm praying for a friend. Times are lonely when you're in a new country & no one is from America. I did meet this gal named Tracy last night. SHe is from Seattle & is probably 25 or 26. She gave me her number & I think I'll call her tomorrow. She could be really good for me.

Sorry this isn't a long one. I have a busy weekend w/ Tanari, but I hope to post again soon; and little longer; but right now I need to walk home before it gets dark. Keep up your prayers. He is so good to me & I've only been here 2 days.

I miss you all & your friendships & companionships. Write often. Thanks for your love & support.

Talk to you soon!

my cell phone: 0726 516 202. I think you may need to dial 0001 before calling; but I'm not sure. If you ever get the urge, I would LOVE to hear from each & every one of you. You're my backbone.


Monday, March 06, 2006


Well hello my blogger friends. I am in London as we speak. Its pretty cool here; in every sense of the word. I'm sorry I have no London picture to post yet. Its because I'm using lindsay's friend's computer & I'm not going to load any of my pictures on here. We went to this "point" yesterday in a wealthy part of town (Jude Law lives there) and it had a great view of the city of London. We walked A TON yesterday. We ate at a great greek restaurant; and chatted in a local coffee shop. It was a beautiful day. It certainly is expensive here though! I can't wait to get to Kenya!

Anyway, God is already doing so much in me, just by leaving the states. I have an enormous peace about being gone, but I really miss my family & friends. God is already working on what I knew would happen; redefining me in my own mind. I think we all identify ourselves in a certain way, and mine in large part was through my family. Well, it can't be anymore. No one knows my family over here, or in Kenya. And the only logical explanation for me going to Kenya is God. Therefore my identity is being found in God; which is great, b/c that is where it should be.

So, as I post this blog know that God is already teaching me a lot & I've only been gone for 2 days. He is keeping me safe, and giving me joy in the midst of unfamiliar territory.

I send me love to you all. Thank you for your support. Keep reading as I hope to post in 3 or so days when I'm in Nairobi.

Talk to you soon.