Saturday, December 30, 2006

your africa...

I was feeling reflective tonight. A lot on my mind & heart as I watch the hand of God mold me. Life is deep in thought right now & I feel like I am on the brink of something new again. I anticipate what God is going to do, but yet, you just never know what is about to happen.

Well in my reflective mode I was going through old writings of my on this computer. I found some things in my "overseas" prayers file folder. I wanted to share this one with you. I was written on the 18th of April, 2006.

What is Your Africa?

"In my desire to become independent I’ve become dependant

In an effort to expand my mind, I realize how small my mind truly is

Knowing that pain produces perseverance, I acknowledge that I truly don’t want to face it

Coming with the excitement to be separate from my family, I realize how deeply in love with them I am.

Thinking, perhaps unconsciously, just coming was enough, I’ve learned it takes much more than one act of faith…

It takes
a daily dying to yourself
A daily commitment to The Almighty God
Expectation for His presence
Willingness to be used, broken, transparent, & healed

In thinking my desires to work outside of the slums was somehow un-noble, I’ve learned that it doesn’t define me, how big my heart is, and that what God has given me, the desires specifically, are God given & that each person possesses the desires & that in them will most glorify God. I didn’t have to go to a slum to learn that.

I’ve learned that everyone needs their “trip to Africa”. You don’t have to go to Kenya, or Africa to have it. It’s just taking time away; time away from the familiar faces, places, & things. It means taking a dive into the unknown; unable to trust any one or anything BUT God. Learning its quite enough for the God of the universe for you to be who you are, and that it could be just that much for a man on earth. It means taking moments to just breathe & realize “I am actually here. Doing it. Living it. Being here.” A trip to Africa doesn’t have to take place in Africa, but indeed it must take place. To learn who you are & whose you are. Africa is where I found myself. What is your Africa? "

thats it. that was a journal entry I wrote within the 120, and some odd, days I was Kenya. I hope that you have a wonderful & safe new years.

love, me

Saturday, December 09, 2006


I suppose I haven't come with eloquent words tonight. I don't have a profound realization to share with you. As someone posted a comment on here I realized it had been a while since I last posted. So has I sit here on this wonderful December eve, I was thinking of my lovely blog readers & wanted to chat.

So, recently, as in the last hour, I returned from one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever had the blessing to attend. Everything seemed so wonderful. The church was beautifully decorated for Christmas, and the reception, wow... white chair covers with red velvet bows; center pieces of white roses, and everyone dolled up to the nines. It was gorgeous. I ceremony was what tipped it off to me. Many of you might know who the groom was, Mr. Lamont King Black; an amazing man of God & friend, who has impacted not only my life but I know many others. Anyway, he is 33. He met his WIFE, Tyler, last April. As of late I've been attending weddings, where the average age is 22-24. When I was 18 I felt like that was the perfect age, but now that I'm 23 I see beyond this time. Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with getting married in your early twenties, but Monty's wedding had a profound beauty in which I had yet to see. He waited 33 years. Yes he dated other girls, pursued others that didn't work out, but then he found Tyler. Perfect for him in every way. But that isn't what made it so beautiful. He is 33 you guys. SO often I think how old I am getting for not even dating someone, and here is one of the most amazing guys ever and he just got married. When they repeated their vows, they stared into each others eyes, and with intent and true commitment, they promised. Monty first, nodding his head, so Tyler knew he meant every word. Taking her time and fighting through tears Tyler shared her intentions for the rest of their lives. They thought through, shared and committed before each other, God, and the 300 audience members, that there is and will never be another human for each other; Astounding and such a gift. The wedding was at ECC & the reception in Alumni Hall.

Other than that, just chugging along. Verizon is ok... we're going through our ups and downs & I can confidently say I feel a part of their family. Through all the times I've desired to leave God has kept me there. He is growing me & I am now at a point where I would be thrilled if another door opened for me to walk through, but if not, I am there to love the people I'm with and I intend to be a presence in their lives. No boyfriends to update you on, not too many changes. Dad had a huge ankle surgery but is recovering pretty well. Lydia is swamped with wedding stuff as the day rapidly approaches in just over a month. We're excited. Ok, sorry not such a great update, but at least you heard about an amazing wedding. And if you're married just remember how much of a gift that spouse is. Truly... not every one gets to have the blessing of such an intimate relationship. Glorify God in it. After all, that is why you are together.

Until next time...