Sunday, March 23, 2008



What a glorious day we celebrate today. EASTER. Jesus' rising from the dead. Doesn't that cry out a hallelujah in your soul? If it doesn't - you're missing out.

I wanted to write again because today at church I was overcome by the gift it is to have assurance of salvation. But more than that, to know one who loves me as much as God does. I know most of you are familiar with John 3:16 "God so loved the world, that He gave His only son..." Its almost as if we've allowed that verse to be watered down. We've heard it so many times. On signs, on bags from stores, on cars, and maybe even on a t-shirt. But if you take it apart and allow your mind to marinate on it you'll be astonished and blown away by the power behind it.

God - the infinite, holy, unparalleled, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, creator the universe, creator of YOU, righteous, just, all-knowing, mighty, Emmanuel, Great I am, Prince of Peace, Living God, Ancient of Days, Alpha, Omega, Messiah, Loving GOD.

HE had a Son, and sent Him to die. FOR YOU. And for me! That is love my friends. A love that is only known by Him, through Him, and for Him. After death, comes life. And that life is what we celebrate today. Amen?

Man... after singing one of my all time favorite worship songs today "Sing to the King" I thought I would lose my voice, that my feet would never stop moving, that my arms couldn't get high enough, and surely my heart was going to beat right out of my chest.

For His returning we watch and we pray
We will be ready the dawn of that day
We’ll join in singing with all the redeemed
‘Cause Satan is vanquished and Jesus is King

That is the truth that we can cling to. That is the absolute steadfast truth that will never change. And that hope only comes through knowing the God of the universe.

Ya'll - I am thankful that Jesus is my God. There is so much more to live for, and death isn't death. It is "falling asleep in Jesus". I pray that today you will know this hope - and if you don't that you would inquire about it. Pick up a Bible, start in Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John and you'll have a good picture of what I'm talking about.

He is risen - He is risen indeed. Lets celebrate.

A daughter of the King

Saturday, March 22, 2008

World News Coverage

Here is a thought provoking video. Afterwards, consider researching, traveling, and praying about how you can get involved in the world at large. God is bigger than the USA.


The hope of a game...

Still as I sit and typed I'm bummed. I watch the Hoosiers every year in hope of some amazing dash to the NCAA finals. A flash back of 2002. But no such luck. Its been a rough year for the Hoosiers. I've heard a lot through friends who are close with the team. I've heard about some struggles, the need of God, the need of hope, and still, they get hit. Losing their coach had to be the biggest one. It was obvious on the court the outcome of such a loss.

Well... for me, this week, was a tough one. I won't go into details. I'll save the WORLD wide web from all my personal info, but I will say it wasn't easy. However, I don't look on my "hard" week as if I'm the only one. And really, compared to other weeks of life, this probably wouldn't even rank in the top 10. But nevertheless, I didn't just sail through. Point being, you ask? "Katie - why all this 'beating around the bush?' " I'll tell you why - the hope of a game!

Today is/was Good Friday. The day we celebrate the death of Jesus Christ. I tried to be conscience of what this day was, who it was we were celebrating, and what He came to do, and did. Through out the day I would grab a hold of my cross necklace I was given at my baptism. Remembering the sacrifice of Jesus. Thank Him, and make conscious efforts to rest in Him. But oh how I allowed myself to be swayed by the winds of life's storm. (deep - I know)

For real though - today just wasn't great. I haven't been so ready for a weekend. Then I had dinner with the roomies after work. That was nice. Then I went to watch those dearly beloved Indiana Hoosiers. I had been anticipating the game more this year than in year's past. I filled out brackets this year, watched the Hoosiers & followed their season. Really cheering for my boy DJ White. I also hadn't been in my community (my House Church) for a couple weeks. I just got back from Florida on Monday and missed a couple Wednesdays. Anxious to see them, I went to watch them game.

Boy were they in for a treat. I was SO grumpy. I kept watching the game in utter amazement that we just couldn't pull ahead. When people would offer me hope, I would shoot them down. It was as if my mind was set on the day ending badly- with a bad bracket and a bad game. Well both were accomplished. My hope, a good IU win, was gone. They lost.

So what happens next? I say goodbye to my friends, who I didn't even enjoy because of my mood, and walk out of the apartment. Immediately tears well up in my eyes. Thankfully that didn't happen there, but there was some deep stuff brewing. I really hadn't put my hope in Jesus. And really its not even an hour later I write this to you but there is a bigger peace. Although, tears could come a drop of a hat, and the issues that were on my mind before still are.

But the Holy Spirit has a way of "calling us out". Of saying "whoa nelly - that's where your hope is?" I mean, my hope really wasn't in the game, but it was almost as if I was subconsciously begging God "Please let IU. Please give me an up point". Alas - they didn't. But the song that continues to play in my head is "Jesus paid it all. All to Him I owe. Sin had left a crimson stain. He washed it white as snow." Praise the Lord, amen?! I do want IU to win - I'm still sad they didn't.

But when I think of things above, and not below, perspective changes. Circumstance may not change, and people may not change, but perspective can and really some days a different perspective, a different way of thinking about things, makes a world of difference.

And with that I bid you a happy Good Friday & a Happy Easter. In a day we'll celebrate His giving us life. Oh how awesome it is to be loved by Him. Help me soak that in. Help me keep things in perspective.

Baraka Kibau,

ps- things are still happening in Kenya. please keep praying. pray for peace to pass in the government and among the people.

pps- this is a pic from Florida. The trip was amazing & mom & I had a blast for about 5 days in Marco Island.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Church in Kenya

This is a cool video someone shared with me. I have yet to attempt to embed a video on my blog- but I thought I would give it a try. There is hope in Kenya, and its the presence of God. Join the globe in praying for Kenya.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Are you ready for update? I don't think you are.

Wow has it been a while?! I have neglected you blog - and blog readers. I suppose instead of talking to you (the imaginary reader) I have had a lot of face to face interactions. Thankfully in the recent months I have begun to like coffee. Not not just a latte - but coffee. However, I'm not to black yet. It still needs cream and sugar. I say that because I have had "coffee" with many. Truly God has been blowing me away with His movement in and around my life.

With the recent happenings in Kenya (which are still proceeding - please continue your prayers) - He has given me opportunities to get involved. Really my involvement stretches to get others involved. I am working with my previous church in mobilizing the congregation to fast and pray, not only for Nairobi Chapel (their partnership church) but also Kenya as a whole. There is a lot of restoration that needs to occur, and violence still persists. However, I believe there is hope that is coming. Its just on the cusp, but perhaps people don't want to grab a whole of it just yet. It is the hope of Jesus Christ. He is driving out what satan has tried to do and He is bringing the people to Himself. This happens through the Body of Christ praying - globally!

Anyway- He is pointing me in new directions within the church I attend as well. We (some friends of mine) are making efforts to get this to the forefront of people's minds, and join in prayer as the Global Church - not just one congregation. Pretty cool stuff.

For a minute there it felt as if I was doing nothing to benefit those things in which I am most passionate about- and now it is overflowing!

I also have met a series of people who are involved with movements to make changes around the world - to really educate and bring awareness to things going on here (in the USA) and outside of our country. One that is particularly moving is "The SOLD Project".

You take 7 individuals with hearts ready to use their talents and expose a heart breaking situation happening in OUR world today! After watching the tailor, and hopefully someday the film, they have exposed me to a truth that has now impacted me and expanded my mind. I love that. I think awareness is key in our world today- and the more we can be aware of whats going on the less narrow minded we will be about situations, ways of thinking, etc. So hats of to "the sold project". I look forward to more things to come.

So really I am just excited to be meeting people with similar hearts for exposure, awareness, and hope. I am thankful & blessed by my friend Nancy- who introduced me to Katherine- both of which recommended me to Rachel. (who I am still looking forward to meeting) I am thankful for God satisfying my desire to be, to dream, to talk, to network. And I am pumped to see what God brings from these relationships. What a great and global God we serve. We are so blessed and unaware of His absolute presence and provision. I am humbled by His graceful and unending love; despite my lack of recognition to what He has done for me and for the world at large.

Its not always a bad thing to go beyond my wildest dreams & update you on the fam! First things first- my nephew is growing like a weed! He is the cutest thing in the world.Anna & Rob are doing well and fantastic parents. I keep saying how amazing it is to watch two people who waited to have kids until they were both ready. It really makes the experience all that more beautiful. Its awesome.

Lydia & Bob are well. Holding down the reigns on the young pup (however large he is) and learning to dwell in a new abode, that might not be all the comfortable. They are troopers and really growing well together and as individuals. Pretty cool peeps. "I think I'll keep them" :)

Laura & Brandt at this very moment are probably on a plane or boarding a cruise ship with other friends for SB2008! Lucky dogs. Wedding plans are going well though. When people as (as they inevitably do) "is it weird your little sister is getting married before you?" I just say "its not weird shes marrying Brandt- but yes, sometimes it is weird shes getting married." Not because its before me though- bu just because its Laura. And shes my baby sister.

Oh and the rents - how could i forget my ma & pa?! They are doing well. Enjoying every minute of being grandparents. They went to Hawaii in January. Dad caught an enormous Blue Marlin- it was 13 feet long - they were deep sea fishing. I would venture to say that was one of the best moments of his life. Like a dream come true. When I get a picture from him I'll post it. Pretty sweet.

I guess thats it. Almost 2 months since I've written... and really I've ventured beyond my blog little. I'm not faithful to you - ambiguous blog reader. However, if you would like to have coffee - I like it now! :)

unfaithfully your's via blog - but faithfully your's in person,