Friday, January 26, 2007

Bear vs Colt

***Taken right after the interception that got us the AFC Championship!!!***

In an effort to create craziness, there is a little bet going on... PLEASE go online to vote for Bear vs Colt.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Romance.... Its what every girl wants, every guy tries to give, and what we long for. Tonight it hit me as I was driving home on this cold winter night. You're probably wondering what hit me but let me first explain to you what I experienced. I went to Anna's to help assemble programs for Lydia's upcoming wedding, when I noticed the sky. Clear as day & so many stars (for the north side of Indianapolis). Beautiful. Then when I left Anna's I was going further away from the city out to where I live... darn near country if you ask me. But man it was gorgeous. I took a back route by the beautiful hidden houses away from the cookie cutter neighborhoods. The stars struck me again as I worshipped. I drove by a house that still had Christmas lights up & I longed for that time of year and could almost feel Christmas again.

Then I thought of what spring brings & somehow I always equate seasons with different types of romances. Summer is warm nights, swinging on swings, & looking at stars; fall is bon fires & hot chocolate; winter is fire places, movies, & cuddling up; spring... rainy nights, spring break, new life. Then I thought WOW! All the ways I'm romanced all year long aren't by any man.... but God. Ya'll HE ROMANCES US! It was so clear to tonight, just like the sky, that He draws me close to Him by romancing me.
It was the most beautiful thought & moment. I had to share it with you.

I just remembered that
I had a similar moment when I was in Kenya. I was at "coast camp"- at the beach with a bunch of 17-25 yr. olds. It was at sunrise as I was doing my devos on the beach....

"As I sit here, look at the vast ocean, the clouds that seem to be sitting gently on the waters You are romancing me. This very moment was designed for me. Thank you God. Thank you for this absolutely beautiful day."

Let God romance you & open Your eyes to all the ways that He is doing it.
Lovingly HIS,

ps - here is a picture of what I was looking at in Kenya!