Saturday, August 16, 2008

A forward...Powerful Womans Motto

I'm sure if you're reading a blog you are updated on recent technologies. For years you have been checking email, from AOL, to yahoo, and now probably on to gmail. Well, my mom hasn't been so updated.

For quite a few years we've helped her turn on the computer, open up Microsite Word, and print. Recently she has figured out how to turn on the computer, type in Word, and print for herself. Of course the most recent venture is email. Oh ... this has been a big one. But I think she is getting the swing of things on gmail, and is learning how to work "g-chat".

Anyway, I opened up my email at work the other day and saw an email from "Barb Umbaugh". The subject line was "FWD: Fw: Powerful Womans Motto". So naturally I skip it. I made announcement in the office that my mom just learned how to email & is sending me forwards. And of course the wide response was 'OOOOHHHHHH NO"! :) I love my mom.

So today I come over to my parents and mom asks if I read it. I explain the culture of email and the typical reaction people have when seeing there is a forward in their inbox. So she was trying to find it, couldn't, so I logged on and grabbed it. Turns out I really should've read it when she sent it to me because I needed it. But it will now be my motto!
Powerful Women's Motto:
Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning, Satan shudders & says... "Oh crap....she's awake!!"