Saturday, April 29, 2006

A wonderful Evening

Hello all. I recognize that in my last update, which was like 3 days ago, I appeared quite pathetic. I wrote it in tears, after having fasted & still been sick I was really upset. I wouldn’t say that I am completely over “it”, but I am walking in confidence in the Lord’s healing. As we continue to pray things improve. I’m beginning to wonder if I am sick, or if I am just lactose intolerant?!

Well, the past couple days have been wonderful. Especially today, being Saturday & a much needed day of rest, I went to a play called “Dead Talk”. This was a play my host, Philip Gitau, was in. It was in a morgue, and the spirits of dead people were talking to each other about their lives, how they lived, and what’s after death. Apparently after this play (being completely secular) many people gave their lives to Christ! Hopefully it is a true life change & not just“scared of Hell” repentance. Either way it was nice. Following the play, my friends Adam & Craig accompanied me to a beautiful restaurant called “The Moon Flower”. If you ever come to Nairobi, this is a must. It was one of the most beautiful restaurants I have ever been to in my entire life! Needless to say this much anticipated evening turned out to be splendid. I give God the glory & thanks for this day in Kenya. They were laughing at me because for the first 15 minutes of dinner I simply could not stop smiling. This picture was taken of me after dinner.

Thank you for your prayers. I would ask that you would keep them up. Trust me, there is a battle going on here, and I know that God can & will win! Please just keep praying for victory!

As for everything else, Nairobi is getting colder, but it’s nice. The rains are consistent, which is good for a land that has so many droughts. Time has been going a bit slow, perhaps because of me being sick, and the rains. But I think in May I will turn a new leaf! There is a lot to do with Tanari; events to plan, offices to organize, etc. It should be a good month!

PLEASE NOTE: If anyone would like to meet Mo, he will be at my house in Carmel, on the evening of May 4th. Just let any of my sisters know, or my parents. He’ll have lots of pictures for you to see & stories about me to tell.

Thanks blog readers. You’re awesome!

More adventures to come….

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Here we go...

Hello everyone. This a quick blog, but in need of great attention!

Ok family, I need you. I just finished fasting for 36 hours, and I had no problems during this fast. (Other than being hungry) I come to these times and wonder if it is out of a lack of faith on my part that I’m not healed. I tried the solution that Benson offered: apple cider vinegar w/ water- 2 x in one day. I tried the fasting resolution, which obviously also didn’t work. This morning I had toast & dry cereal for breakfast. Still nothing. I had been in the office for a couple hours, and low & behold it returned.

My friend I made here, Amanda, gave me this medication that she took & she was better. I think this is my last option until I see a specialist. Please just pray for my situation. It isn’t fun, and the longer I endure it the more homesick & weary I get. Perhaps it’s an attack from the enemy. I have rebuked him….trust me. Either way, the situation at hand is that I am still sick. On Monday it will have been three weeks. Honestly, I think its something I could live with, but something I certainly don’t want to live with.

I am calling all forces to pray for me. Thank you. The body of Christ, through the power of Christ, is a powerful weapon in the kingdom of darkness. Please join with me in prayer. Thank you for all your prayers thus far, & your encouraging emails. I am committed to the work that is set before me here in Kenya. I know that God wants me here until July. Perhaps my diet will need to change. Either way, I’m not leaving. Two months isn’t long enough & there are still other options here.

I have never missed you all more. Not necessarily home, or the states, but to have one good friend to be with me in this time would amazing. But then again, God is becoming my all in all.

Well, sorry for the news. I am enjoying my time here in Kenya. I had a good day yesterday despite my hunger. God is revealing more about what He might desire for me when I return from the states, & I am excited about His movement in my life. It is a good time here in Kenya.

I miss you all & look forward to seeing your beautiful faces in a little over two months.

With love,

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Coast for Easter

I don’t think there is any better way to celebrate Easter than at the Coast. It was b-e-a-utiful! I went with a church group, of about 30 people. For over a week now I have been a bit sick. I’ve made several trips to the hospital (not deathly ill, but the hospital is the best option) Unfortunately this sickness returned while at the coast; but it certainly didn’t take over my time.

We traveled through the night on Thursday night & arrived in Mombasa early Friday morning. From there we traveled to our destination; a campsite 200 feet from the beach. It was wonderful. “Good things come to those who wait”. When we arrived at the campsite, we played icebreaker games & set up our tents. THEN we got to finally visit the beach; and that’s where I stayed most of the time.

There were 3 other Americans there, to my surprise, but they were all very fun & always wanted to be at the beach was well. This made for a fabulous time. I got to play Frisbee a lot, with Evans & Craig. If you know me, you know one of my greatest joys in life is playing Frisbee on the beach. And so God richly blessed me in this area.

The water was clear, the beaches were white, and the swimming was good. The people were fabulous & God continually captivated my heart by kissing me with the warm sun, the gentle breezes, & beautiful sunrises. I had yet to see the sunrise in the east. When the time came for sunset I forgot that it was on the other side of the world. The sun rises in the East. Thats where I was. But I awoke every morning to see the sunrise.

The last night everyone stayed up late & swam in the pool. It was lit up by the moonlight & ridiculously fun. Then we traveled, a lot, on Monday. All the way back to the big city & work.

The coast was a wonderful “break” from reality in the city. Now that I’m back I’ve been visiting the hospital daily so they can find what is going wrong in my stomach. Lord willing, after tomorrow’s visit we’ll have diagnosed me & I’ll be on my way.

Otherwise, I’m staying busy in Nairobi. Thanks for all your prayers & emails through out Sarah’s one year anniversary. It went well. Please just pray for healing now, and a time of rest. It is needed.

Until my next update! See you!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My dear friends...

I recognize that it was a little less than a week ago I updated my blog, but there is important information that needs to be stressed!

First order of business, on Monday, April 10th, it will be the anniversary of Sarah (my sister) going to Jesus. Me being away from my family gives to the expectancy of this day being a hard one. Thankfully, due to the busy weekend, I will have Monday off. I wish I could go to her grave site and lay flowers, or watch videos of her, or just talk to my family about her; but I am in Kenya. I understand that there is perfect reason for this being the timing. It is most likely so I will face it and perhaps deal with it in the healthiest way possible. I would just ask for your prayers. I anticipate it being somewhat lonely, but I intend to cling to Jesus every minute of the day. Not only does He know her, He lives with her! It seems appropriate I cling to Him. After all, He is my family & can comfort me more than my earthly family can. It is all in me allowing Him to!

Second, Easter. I am not going to Uganda to visit my sponsor child. This is to my sadness, but none the less Tanari is having an event at our camp, Camp Malta. I will most likely be spending it there. It will be a nice time & we’ll be able to celebrate Jesus’ death & resurrection together, in the body of Christ.

Third, Mo is going to the states. I have asked that he meet with my family Thursday night, May 4th. He will most likely be at our house in Carmel. I would love it if any of you could go and meet him. He will have a slide show of a lot of my pictures, and be able to explain in detail what I’ve been doing! It would be a really good chance for you to hear and see what I’ve been up to here in Kenya. I’ll keep you updated as to times, place, etc. But GO!!! Here about Tanari, and meet the man who got it all started.

That’s it. Things here are going well. It is definitely rainy season. I’ve experienced getting soaked to the bone already. It’s nice! Anyway, thanks for reading & keeping up with my life. Have a marvelous Easter, and keep in touch. You’re doing a good job!

Lots of love from Africa,

for you : Phil 1:3-7

BY THE WAY- The picture is of the Tanari Staff!