Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Latest

As I've mentioned, Florida was great but its time to crack down on "real life". Today I had two interviews. One with Verizon Wireless & another with Ameriprise Financial. I'm just praying for God's will. Both not easy to get, and then with Ameriprise, it could be hard to maintain (seeing as though, after a certain amount of time it will become all commissions based!). So I kniow the Lord's hand is in all of this. Verizon would be a seemingly insignificant job, but they have great benefits and room to grow. But at least the decision isn't up to me right?!

As far as other things go...I'm trying desperatly to stay motivated with this art class I'm trying to finish to complete my college education! I'm trying to get into Nancy's this week; which feels like a bigger job than I could take on this week. I'm sure by early next week I'll be in though! :)

Hmmm... I suppose there isn't much else. Just job hunting, finding joy in the freedom God is giving me right now. It often seems like I'm just floating & sucking life out of people (namely my parents or Nancy), but I truly believe that is not God's intention for this time at all. I believe this time is for restoration, a finding of joy, and just a time to kick back. So God... I appreciate this freedom!!!

Pray for the family as we make the transition out of 1425 Stonemill circle. Its still difficult. We'll be out kabisa (completely) by September 7th! So if you want to come say goodbye to this house of many memories you're more than welcomme. I know we'll be going through A LOT of processing, tears, and memories. Feel free to stop by at any time & bring joy in the midst of this hard time. Or just a helping hand is ALWAYS welcome. 13 years is a long time to live in a house.

Well I guess I'll leave you be. I pray that God is blessing you today in a way you've never known or could have expected. He is a big God & we should expect BIG things! AMEN?! I hooked you up w/ some pics from Florida w/ Anna. Lovely time.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Professional job hunter

I have found myself in a place of discouragment. Wow is it hard to be unemployed, and honestly, I'm not very good at it. I HATE asking for money & thats precisly why I worked my way through college. But as I was talking with Nancy she was urging me to think perhaps God wants me to "be ok". To be ok with getting money from another source than my employment, and to just enjoy this time of life & virtually being "care free"; whether its by choice or not.

So as I step in a leap of faith and move in with her in these next couple weeks it will be hard. Its hard to move out of my parents house permanently. In many ways I feel like I have to hand them over to the Lord. (as if I had some control over their well-being anyway) I'll be handing myself over to the Lord in that I have NO CLUE where I'll be even in a month from now. Life seems so unknown to me... I just don't know sometimes.

You've caught me on a hard day. No job, no car, no money....but I do have to remember I have everything I'll ever need. I have the love of a God who is bigger than jobs, money, friends, husbands, cars, etc. I'm trying to rest in that. To wake up every day & know that there is a reason for the day, but I must get to the end of it to see what He had planned. Don't get me wrong, I am so thankful for so many things, but I guess I'm finding myself in a place I didn't expect or anticipated to end up! But I suppose thats just how life is huh? The unexpected always happens because we don't plan out this life. Which, when reviewing my past, I am SO glad I haven't made the plans.

Thanks for reading this blog ya'll... or should I say you! Life is throwing some twists & turns. Many days feel lonely, but I'm encouraged to know that many people are going through this same thing, I just don't know them! :) On the flip side... my friends Ellen Marie Crawford & Robert Freeman Fellows are engaged!!! This is an exciting one. So in Feb. will be Lydia's wedding to Bob Fox & then Ellen & Rob's. Lovely people who I am so excited for.

aight... I'm going to sleep now. Thanks for the love. If you live in or visit Indy holla at me.


Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Well needless to say the patience I learned in Kenya is in a different way. Things like traffic, service, conversation, relationships, meals, etc., I learned to be decently patient in. Waiting on direction, from the Lord, is something I'm still trying to get my mind around. I just deleted a really quick post I made while in Florida. I was up for an interview but turns out its bogus. In a way that they were lying about the job & praise God I found out before hand. Now I feel like I'm back a square one. Honestly, I have all these desires & things I could see myself doing, but I don't feel a push. Certainly not from lack of self-motivation, because trust me, being poorer than I was in college is not fun. I'm motivated; but direction is lacking. Perhaps its out of my lack of seeking God's face...which I obviously need to do more of. But I do think He is trying to say "Katie... take a breather". I tend to push life along with no room for thinking, feeling, processing, and I always want to get to the next step.

Well right now with my parents moving the next step is getting them out of 1425 Stonemill circle. I have a sinking feeling in this little process of moving us out of a house we've been in for 13 years, processing & thinking will occur. I run across memories of Sarah. Her clothes, books, drawings, movies, etc., and I will almost be forced to think about her & allow myself the grief. On the other hand, I am an enormous pack rat. Everything is sentimental to me & with this its always hard for me to move. So as I look on memories of junior high, high school, and even stuff I kept from college, I'll be saying goodbye in an effort to minimize.

NEWS FLASH: I will not be living with my parents in Carmel. I've been offered a place to stay (virtually rent free & thats only if she turns down my offers for money) to live in Noblesville. This gracious woman's name is Nancy. She has an extra bedroom & an old friend is living with her right now too. So as I make efforts to get my feet on the ground & jolly (my car) off the driveway, I'll be living there.

I suppose those are the most recent updates. I ask for your prayer as my parents make this enormous transition, and as they try desperately to avoid going through Sarah's things. This is the house we remember her in & we all have to remember that the memories we take with us because they aren't in the house.

Anyway, thanks for your support & if you are the ONE person reading this... thanks for reading.