Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Return Home

Yes its true, the adventure that seems as though it was just yesterday, is now complete. I can assure you the time for me to process that journey has barely begun, but I can tell you this, I miss Kenya. I have never known a place or people that are so close to home. Then again, I've never lived anywhere for a significant amount of time... other than Indiana. So, every time I see "kenya" or hear about it, there is a part of me that wishes I could be there.

On the flip side, I'm pretty sure God has me here for a specific purpose. My family is moving... for many reasons, but it is indeed so. God has given them the clue, & they are answering. The thing is they're starting in a rental, that for the amount of stuff the Umbaugh's have accumulated, it doesn't fit. From there they are building, but we obviously will be in the rental for a bit. Lydia is getting married in February, so shes not going anywhere. Laura (although perhaps not public yet) will be at home this semester and pursuing goals in the areas of style & fashing. Me? Well, as you know I'm a recent (minus 2 credits) graduate of Indiana University. I have no job, no money, and a quickly dying car. The new rental has 3 bedrooms. Thatleaves Laura & I (so Lydia can have her last room to herself) sharing a bed & a room. Lovely? I think so! :) But at the same time there is a push within me, and the fam, to get a quick hire and decent pay, so that I may become financially independant for the first time in my life! We'll see how that goes.

In other news... God is absolultely amazing for giving us this house. Kesho (tomorrow) I'll be working for my friend Blake who has begun his own landscaping company. Then next week I'll be going to Florida with a most gracious sister & brother-in-law (namely Rob & Anna). She has to get through some processing for life, and I for Kenya. So this will be much needed, prior to me joining the grind!

Yesterday in the shower I was listening to a christian radio station and they began talking, and my ears perked up when I heard "Here I am in Nairobi, Kenya". There was a radio announcer in Nairobi with Compassion International, who we(Tanari) worked with when I was over there. It almost brough a tear to my eye! But there is a time for everything, and it looks like it is the time for me to start this crazy financially stressing independant life!!!

So here I go...


ps- I have decided to continue this blog. I don't promise to make frequent updates, but I suppose if this an easy way for you to keep up on my life, than you'll be able to stay informed!

pps- This picture is of us playing while Lyd was trying on wedding dresses!!!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Its almost over...

Hello my faithful blog readers.

I understand that I’ve been a bit slow on posting. I suppose with Lydia being here I don’t feel the need, or rather, there is a lot less time for me to spend writing an update. But because you are faithful & the slight chance you want an update, here you go!

Last week we went on safari in the Masai Mara. It was incredible. We saw all of the “big 5” except Rhino. The big five are: Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Elephant, & Buffalo. We saw herds of buffalo & zebra migrating. We saw baby lion cubs, baby monkey feeding on its mama, baby elephants, ok…. Basically, it was the lion king in real life. The scenery was incredible. I’ll soon put up pictures when Lydia & I find a way to get the pictures from her camera to my computer!

Kesho (tomorrow) we are leaving for Mombasa, by train. It is on the coast of the Indian Ocean & absolutely beautiful. We’ve been trying to convince friends to come & stay with us in our little cottage, but if they don’t, we rest assured our time there will be lovely. It’s going to be perfect weather. We’ll return Sunday night by bus, and then Lydia leaves on Tuesday & I on Wednesday. Crazy huh? These past four months have flown. I of course recognize the times that time seemed to stand still & I had to wake up & trust that God had me where he wanted me.

As of right now, the biggest lesson I’m learned & have been praying about it worry. I never knew how bad I was with worry, until this trip, & recently how bad I am about worrying about money. Wow- lets talk about a stronghold. Its not that I’ve always wanted a lot, but to not be in want has been my desire. Well, Lydia & I are broke as a joke, and are in no way finished paying off certain debts in this country. God is faithful though, amen? So its just a good thing we have a dad willing (maybe not able) but willing to help us out!

In addition to constant lessons on this walk with Jesus, I am dealing with a great big transition. I have a new community, family, & friends that I’ll be leaving soon. To come to another country completely alone, and build new relationships from scratch, with them knowing nothing of your past or who you were has been incredible. My relationships here are so fresh & real, and I’m going to miss them deeply. So with that said, yesterday I think I cried my first tears as I thought about leaving this country & people that I love. Please pray for strength & a good transition back into life into the United States. Thanks! You’re the best.

Well, I return July 13th at 4:45pm, at the Indianapolis Airport. If I don’t see you there, I hope to see you soon after I return. I’ll take how ever many free meals, or starbucks, that you want to treat me to! Thanks again for all your love & support & prayers. God has richly blessed my time, & I now have a second home in Kenya.


Ps- I’ll most likely send out a last “monthly update” email before I leave. If you don’t receive it… kwa heri (bye) until I return.