Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Kahuna

My thoughts have been overflowing. I was sitting on a plane last night coming home from Florida missing my blog. I was hand writing an enormous thought and processing and I needed you dear blog.

Anyway, alas, I am at my computer once again. This won't be the kahuna- that will come tonight or tomorrow. But I did want to share something cool with you. I'm reading "Irresistible Revolution", sweet book by the way, but its really stretching my brain. Still not my point - in it - he mentions a company that after coming to know the Lord, they wanted to remain in the same vocation but now everything is fair trade.

So if you want to propose (make sure I would say yes first) and then buy the ring from: CRED

I found the website when I returned to my computer. They are out of the UK, I believe retailers are in London, but they make beautiful jewelry and a beautiful statement. They stand for something bigger and are standing against blood diamonds and that rotten industry. I'm not sure if you've seen the movie "Blood Diamond" - but that isn't far from the truth. In fact isn't it based off a true story?

It is something I have become intrigued with, and wanted to spread the good news! So check out CRED.

Support their mission with me.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Call for Prayer...

I know I know- I could write one every day. This world is in so much need- every human has a reason to call upon the Almighty. Today, I am asking that you call upon Him for our friend Leslie.

She has cancer. She had it in her sinus, and it is now in her lungs making it difficult to breath. There is quite in bit in there, and they aren't sure as to the procedures they are going to take yet. It hits home, having lost Sarah to lung cancer- we are claiming victory through Jesus Christ for her life. She is married to Godly man, Tyson, and has a beautiful 2(I think) year old son named Tj. I weep with them - and I ask that you pray too.

Please read their blog
. (especially the most recent) It will move your heart to worship through tears.

I read about Moses this morning. I read about God opening the red sea, closing it, swallowing the Egyptians, putting them into "confusion", the plagues, and the VICTORY through God that the Israelites received. That is what I claim for Leslie, Tyson, and Tj.

Lovingly yours,

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A word from my dad...

So, this year I am hosting mother's day. Our typical hosting places (Mom & Anna's) - should not be occupied on this day due to the fact that it's their day!

So- I sent an email to the non-moms asking about food, and Sunday's extravaganza...I asked about food, Laura said she could make some cheesy potatoes, and I mentioned to dad that he said grilling and I asked if I should get some meat and then in response I get this awesome message from my dad. Quick, short, and to the point:

"I have tons of meat. I have propane. I have skills. We can talk. I got it covered. I love you. You are special! Love Daddy."

I thought the response was so good I HAD to post it. My dad makes me smile, and has really been helping me keep a good perspective lately. I love him a lot & wanted to share! I hope you enjoyed his response.