Sunday, September 30, 2007

New life, an end, and a great race

Well, I realize it has been a while. I have neglected updated the general public (or just using my processing outlet) of what has been going on in my life. But I would just say, I have been busy.

For starters, on September 10th, I became an aunt. He was due on September 27th, but was ready to come into the world earlier. Because birth is already a miracle, Will is a double miracle baby. Anna went into labor everything was fine for a while; and then Will's heart rate started dropping. He flat lined. Within 7 minutes they wheeled Anna into emergency surgery and pulled the baby out. The resuscitated his litte heart- and there he was! Finally breathing. William Daniel Witzig. Born 5lbs 5oz. A true miracle!

I am LOVING being an aunt. I never knew I could love a baby so much & I can only imagine how Rob & Anna feel.

That is the new life.

An end...
If you have been pretty involved in my life you would know that over the past 4 months at MediaSauce we began a transition within the account management office. We "teamed up". I began working internally with our production staff to see projects through, and my "teammate" Beth began working with our clients. We merged our clients to create a base of about 80 clients, and maybe 60 projects at a time. I found out last week she is leaving the company. She has loved MediaSauce. She has grown there. But she was recruited to do her passion - working with annual funding for a children's hospital.

I congratulate her. I will miss her. This loss is comparable to a cop losing his partner. You learn how to work with each other. You learn how to communicate. And then become a super efficient team. But I applaud her for taking a hard move... to follow her heart. That is an end, and we'll see what kind of beginning it brings.

A great race...
Today was the Indiana Sport Corp Corporate Challenge. I was signed up for the 5k & tug of war. There isn't much I can say for the tug of war. HA! Yeah- we went down pretty quickly. But then there was the 5k. One week ago on a run my ACL started hurting; you may already know that my knee has tendinitis. My ankle has been hurting. Really, I'm just a full out mess. But I signed up for the run and so I ran.

I am not a runner, nor claim to be. I just enjoy it and its the easiest way to get in shape. Today I ran a 5k, with maybe 3-400 others from a bunch of companies. As we were running the city blocks I just kept praying for God's strength-because I knew nothing would get me through the pain I was experiencing. Then in the last 3/4 of a mile a guy from Duke Reality came up by me and said "Come on, let's go. You've been pacing me the whole time. Lets go!" So I kicked in...harder, faster, and longer than I have ever run. Dudes, I was tired. I saw the only "saucer" that was in front me, and I finished 5 seconds after him. Ya'll - I came in second. Not with the masses, but within the MediaSauce crew. I ran it in about 27.30minutes. I know its not amazing, but its a personal best.

God got me through that race, using an unsuspected 40-50 something man to get me to cross the finish line, at a reasonably good time, with really bad legs! Hallelujah! Just wanted to give him glory.

That is about it. Thats the update. Thats what I've been up to. And in about 47 days I'll be in La, and then Thanksgiving. HOORAY FOR VACATION!

thanks for keepin' up.

much love & GO COLTS