Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A New Blog - A New Chapter

Well... this is quite the turning of a page for me. Tyson and I have started a new blog. Crazy as it may seem my current URL will sit on the internets as a record of past learning as one individual.

God has, is and will do so much in my life. I am thankful for the past 3 1/2 years with this blog. Starting in Africa and continuing on in Indy and then onto Chicago. God is good indeed and it has been a blessing to walk this road, through this blog, with you.

I am marrying Tyson Aschliman on November 14, 2009. That is the blessed day. And seeing as though we'll be learning, living and growing together we thought a blog together would be a good start to this "new chapter" in our lives together. Or rather the first "official" chapter as Mr and Mrs.

God has been teaching me a lot about identity, and finding my identity in God and not my singlehood, career or my "woman equality" kick. God is God no matter my marital status, job status, motherhood status - I am His kid and valued. This is simply a new chapter in my life. A good transition. And something God prepared me to do. I have been humbled to realize that in my singlehood, trying so hard to be content, I ended up finding pride instead of contentment in some ways. So now, I'm back tracking. I'm finding it ok to say "yes- my singlehood was awesome. God did so much and I totally enjoyed it. And now its a new chapter in my life, where God is the same God and is continuing to teach me. And the difference is in this chapter I won't be in an apartment by myself but a house with a guy named Tyson and a boy named TJ. And God has deemed this good."

Hopefully this makes sense. I'm so excited about the upcoming marriage and adoption. And as I close up this blog I just wanted to tell you a little bit about what I have learned about being single and now what I'm learning about being in relationship. Ah man... one thing I know, lessons on God and godliness will never end. But I intend to keep on learning, absorbing, being humbled, and falling to my knees before the throne of grace time and time again.

So please, as I close up this singlness chapter of my life move on with me to the "Katie and Tyson" chapter. Visit our blog ( starting with our engagement story, and look for our seperate posts. I promise, I'll let him write.

With love, thanksgiving, and humilty...



Anonymous said...

We are thankful God brought you into Ty and TJ's lives. We love you, Katie, and look forward to some "family time".

Mom and Dad Bucher

Sara said...

I am so glad that you wrote again... I had been waiting! You are always just a few steps ahead of me on this life journey, and I feel like you always shine light on the things that my vision is clouded on. SO excited for you. SO excited.

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I hope that you don't forget to celebrate your birthday!