Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wind blowing home

Hi friends. I have accidentally neglected you. That was unintentional. Because of my accidental neglect I would ask as you read this post, to just hang with me as my fingers work out the crossroads of thoughts in my head.

Well, when I said the winds were blowing they did indeed blow. I ended up settling in by Friday May 8th. I guess settled isn't the right word but rather present. I am still settling into the life I have found myself living.

I have had weekends booked with fun activities for the past month and they will continue on for a while. Mom and Dad came the first weekend I was officially here. (played at the zoo, ate great food, etc.) Then we headed to the lake for Umbaugh family vacation over Memorial day weekend. Following that weekend (just 2 days ago) I had my first official "friend" visit. I am starting to feel "local".

This past weekend took the train from Naperville into the city. On our search for Michigan Avenue we ran into a family friend of mine from Indy. We were casually walking down Michigan and I just looked to my left and said "shut up". She followed it with "I have seen you more in the last three weeks than I have in a year and you live here now." God's blessings of making me feel comfortable in a sea of unfamiliar faces. After an exhaustively fun day of zero purchases for me (except for coffee and food) Saturday night we found a great local Chinese restaurant which I will continue to get take-out from. That is always a necessity wherever you live.

Sunday I got to see another friend from Indy who was here for her cousins wedding! We got to find a cute little restaurant in Batavia, sat outside, and enjoyed catching up on the last month or so of our lives. So this weekend was filled with comforts from home and old friends.

Life is interesting as it takes this new turn. I think about where this blog started... obviously Kenya; and where it is currently. I never would have imagined 3 years ago I would end up where I am. But that is the beauty of life. The beauty of following an unpredictable, larger-than-life, God. He isn't always comfortable. As Mr. Beaver said in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe:

"Safe? … Who said anything about safe? ‘Course he isn’t safe. But he is good. He’s the King, I tell you.”’

These days I am filled with joy and thankfulness for this next step. There is no denying that there were frequent thoughts that I would never find "love". And I was right in a sense. I didn't find it. God is my "cupid". (as we say) There are days where I wonder "am I really here... did you call me to this man, this boy, this place?" and God's gentle voice of peace sings over me reminding me "Yes Katie you are; and I brought you here". Praise God. There are hard days when I am reminded that I am not "home" anymore or rather that Indy is no longer "home". Perhaps its redefining what home means. Not a place but a people. Not a house but God. God is my home and wherever we go I am home. I just happen to be residing in Aurora, IL.

As alluded to there are days that are hard. As previously stated we had Umbaugh family vacation over memorial day weekend. Sadly, Lydia and Bob couldn't join us due to exciting craziness in their lives. The rest of us headed down to Lake Cumberland and stayed in a house. We had an awesome time fishing, swimming, eating and playing games. The boys learned how to gut a catfish while Laura and Anna cut Will's hair. On Tuesday morning as Tyson and I drove away from the house and my family, and I was once again reminded "home" is being redefined for me. (with tears of course) I just miss them... but this is good my friends.

I won't give you all the juicy details but for an update... Tyson and I are doing well. We are learning a lot and totally enjoying the 15 minute drive between us. It no longer limits us to weekends but dinners and breakfasts and lunches are options. Its a crazy new blessing that we are very thankful for. For the other Aschliman boy...God is doing a lot with my relationship with TJ. I attribute it to God and His miraculous ways. I love him and his love for me seems to grow as well. Check out Tyson's blog.

So, to change gears a bit here, Sunday at church we talked about how great, huge and powerful our God is. He is a God who makes other gods bow down to Him. Ronn used the same quote from Mr. Beaver that I used. That is OUR GOD! He is worthy of praise ... when we praise Him and when we don't. It never changes WHO He is or His holiness and especially His character.

We were reminded that often in our "comfort" of our relationships with God (however long those relationships have been) we forget just WHO our God is! Truly we will never know the fullness of who our God is but we have eternity to figure it out.

Onto the the issue of "comfort". As I was talking with my friend Saturday on the train, comfort is not always a good thing. I've noticed that often in my life I seek the next phase of life and then finally its like my will just "gives up" or FINALLY surrenders to the Lord's. It is then that life is changed and the comfort I had fallen into gets switched up. (hence the wind blowing)

When the winds blow, when life changes, it doesn't change God, His goodness, His love, His sacrifice, or His holiness. But what it does change is my perspective, my heart, my mind... and (Lord willing) by surrendering I am changed. By whom? The Almighty Hand of God. How beautiful is that? It just hit me as I am writing this. He didn't just form me in my mother's womb. But He is forming me now into who He desires me to be on our wedding day. When the bride, His church, will be reunited with Him.

So these winds that blow, these life changes however hard they may seem, even how joyful they may be, the winds are blowing me home. Heaven forbid, though, that I not enjoy the wind... or even the times that it settles for a bit.

With a joyful heart,


ps- keep your prayers up. life is not always "hunky-dory" as my mom would say. But it is good and with fear and trembling I thank my God for it and will enjoy the good gifts He is giving me.

I am a happy girl.

Tyson and Me on the boat after a beautiful rainy afternoon…

My mom and TJ at the zoo when they came to visit


everydayMOM said...

Hi Katie,

I'm glad you are getting settled here in the area. I know it must be a HUGE adjustment. I can relate to the feeling of just holding God's hand and trusting him as he leads you through the unknown. Our family is going through that right now, as well.

I was going to ask you to send me your e-mail address. I'm getting ready to send out an e-mail for a women's event at CTC and I thought I would add you to our e-mail list (if that's OK).

emilyneal at comcast dot net

mindy said...

I'm really happy & proud of you. I completely get that realization of "home" but they say "home is where you hang your heart", right? I hope you have many more great adventures & discoveries in your new home!

Anonymous said...

So glad to finally see a blog! Love you friend and very cute picture of you and Tyson! ~Amanda

LAS said...


Great to catch up via your blog writing. I was blessed by the picture of your mom and TJ. The Lord is taking care of everyone. He is good and in a good mood!

Love you,

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